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Dear Friends, 


After a long night of counting, we have confirmed that the race did not go our way. Although we won in the suburbs, we lost in the City and the suburban vote was not sufficient to overcome the City. 


One of our opponents outspent us by three to one or more and we simply could not overcome that avalanche of spending.   Nevertheless, I am very proud of the campaign we ran and am truly grateful and honored by your help and support.  From coffees to e-mails, to yard signs, to letters, to passing literature on Election Day, your commitment to a high quality judiciary and your enthusiasm for my candidacy is something I will carry with me always. 


Thank you very much,




Cook County
Voter Information

Mar. 3 First day of Early Voting

Mar. 13 Last day mail ballot applications accepted

Mar. 15 Last day of Early Voting

Mar. 18
Election Day

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